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Vendetta's third full length studio album 'Devolve' released in April 2017. Check out the video for 'Back in the Habit' here :


released April 25, 2017

Mick Kee - Vocals/Guitar
John Kaminskyj - Bass/Vocals
Robbie Hargreaves - Drums

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Tony Hayes.
Artwork by John Downey (JDsign Creative Services).
Photography by Rachel Calleja.



all rights reserved


Vendetta Geelong, Australia

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Track Name: Antagonised

I thought I heard it all, until you crawled out of your hole.
You told a million lies about your life.
I showed you sympathy, you brought me misery.
Now there’s no mystery, but you still try.

I don’t care anymore, frustration I can’t ignore.

My hatred on the rise, the start of your demise,
I only criticise who you are inside.
You brought this on yourself, your own personal hell.
Now you try to run and hide from your own life.

I don’t know why you’re trying to antagonise me, i don’t even really care.
Only so much a man can take until he breaks just you best beware.
Don’t try to point your finger at me if you choose to poke the bear.
I’m a fire breathing ass kicking son of a bitch so now you understand.
Track Name: Devolve

Go ahead and throw fuel on the fire, complain cause the flames are getting higher.
Shine a fucking light on an insane desire, hoping that the problem will die.
Evil of the world will always remain, talking fucking shit ain’t gonna make a change.
How many people do you have to fucking shame, hoping that the problem will die?

Fucking die.

Think you are a warrior but you’re fucking not, social justice is a bunch of fucking talk.
Politically correct with nothing real to say, never been responsible in any fucking way.
A new fascism is on the rise a threat to your freedom in disguise.
Good intentions but bad results, bringing out the war in us all.

We’re not slaves to a history, don’t try to lay that guilt on me.
Born a generation innocent and free, that’s how it is if you choose to be.
Living in the past got nothing for me, can’t move forward if you can’t see.
Today is the place you need to be, emotion is a personal responsibility.

Don’t be just another fucking hypocrite, hating on a hater won’t fix jack shit.
Narcissistic from the start to force ideals on everyone.
Freedom of speech is a double edge sword but taking offence is still a fucking choice.
Inner strength will rise above but a mind so small, stuck in a rut.

Suck on that.
Track Name: Shadow Of Doubt
Shadow of Doubt.

Open up your mind so that you can see what is inside, take it all in stride don’t be a victim of your pride.
What you believe inside yourself you will achieve, your reality will be what you make it to be.
People think they know just how far you will really go, they only look down on your life so they can justify their own.
If we we’re all the same life would be a pointless little game, show them who you are no more living your life in the shade.

Decide how you will spend your time, risk it all when you roll the dice.

When you’re standing on the outside and you’re out there in the cold.
Who will be there waiting for you when you’ve been left all alone.

Broken down and out living in a shadow of your doubt, twisted down inside looking for another place to hide.
I’ve been there before alone and crying on the floor, no one seemed to care at least that’s how it felt back then.
Who can you count on when everything is going wrong, trust your inner self and stop the pity train you’re on.
You can always find the extra strength you need inside, if it doesn’t kill you you’ll get stronger every time.
Track Name: War Blinder
War Blinder.

Generations of the future and generations of the past,
Generations of innocent victims who understand at last,
Politicians rule this world they only sing one song,
The universal way to wealth is with a bullet or a bomb.

Praying for Peace? It’s lame and worthless so get up off your knees,
Annihilation is prosperity coz money don’t grow on trees,
Charity is history and the world will give no more,
Because security is for the rich and misery for the poor.

Nations stand divided with weapons they’ve provided
And our fate has been decided a solution we must seek.
By faith they have been blinded and in greed they have confided
All Morality subsided and it looks bleak.

Christian Muslim saint or sinner Buddhist Hindu Jew Hispanic
White black Asian or Caucasian Aboriginal,
We all buy their guns and kill each other death a revolving door,
And their profits will precede a fucken full blown third world war.

Hierarchy of human means no justice and no choice,
We’re citizens of a world where freedom has no voice,
Privilege and poverty like a master need’s it’s slave,
A dead end that’s so complete like a coffin needs it’s grave.
Track Name: Agoraphobia

Here we stand in a fucked up world where everyone is trying to kill you.
People do what they gotta do and everyone’s got a point of view.
Can’t say that I trust anyone when I can’t even trust myself.
Won’t live my life in fear trapped inside my own hell.

Because you live and then you die.
Don’t be afraid to live your life.
Because you live and then you die.
To live in fear is a waste of time.

A thousand ways that you can die but until you go you’ll never know.
No point trying to figure it out a waste of time no doubt.
Wake up and cease the day before the days comes to cease you.
It’s all about the plan of attack and how you gonna follow through.
Track Name: Feel The Fire
Feel The Fire.

Flames are getting higher, can you stand the heat.
Burning with desire, self determined destiny.
People try to put us down, they will never know.
We have passion we have pride and together we will fight.

We will fight.

C’mon - feel the fire, step into the flames and we’re gonna get higher.
C’mon - feel the fire, step into the flames and you’re gonna get burned.

Just a spark is all you need, lights a fire underneath.
Aggravation plants a seed, motivation breeds.
Now there’s an inferno, pyromaniac overload.
Welcome your cremation, total annihilation.
Track Name: Ego Parade
Ego Parade.

Get outta our way we got nothing to prove, who the fuck you think you’re talking to.
We been kicking ass and paying our dues, 20 fucking years of attitude.
Take it to the streets in the underground, relentless is the sound.
Always stepping up we never back down, stubborn driven and hell bound.
We’re the kings of an old school law, bow down to the over lords.
Raise your fist and show the horns, c’mon and join the horde.

We will survive because we never die.

Fight for the right to stand on your own, blood sweat flesh & bone.
On a mountain top all alone, nice little place we call home.
Watch them come and fall as they go, pretty little maids all in a row.
People say that you reap what you sow, respect was earned a long time ago.
Track Name: Back In The Habit
Back In the Habit.

So far, so bad, might be the best I ever had.
Old habits die hard just like a shot straight through the heart.
I know that this time ain’t gonna be like the rest.
I’m gonna take my life back before I wind up dead.

Back in the habit, gotta have it, gonna smash and grab it.
Back in the habit, gotta taste it, let’s get wasted.
Back in the habit, got the feeling for some wheeling and dealing.
Back in the habit, try n’ shake it, I can’t take it.

I been up, I been down, I been twisted all around.
Getting high every night, a lifetime supply of suicide.
One more for the road fuel to make my head explode.
I wake up if i can and then I’m gonna do it all over again.